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Midway Fair plays “Pretty music about ugly things,” and their folk rock sound and songwriting are a seamless synthesis of British and American traditional styles with indie rock. Artists like Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler, Richard Thompson, Tom Waits, and The Waterboys are big influences. Although many of their songs are crafted to be lighthearted and fun, they tackle serious subjects like war, poverty, and (of course) love with poetic grace and intelligence.

“Reminds me a lot of Fairport Convention […] The playing and craft are exquisite.” ~Jon Worley, Aid & Abet April 2011.

Like a group of minstrels found electric guitars and wrote an album over the course of 500 years. […] Bottom line: For those that like The Incredible String Band and The Band, Midway Fair is the underdog with an album of powerful, sincere, and timeless songs.

~John Powell,, July 18, 2011

Midway Fair is:

Jon Patton: Vocals, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, things with strings
Joe Scala: Vocals and bass

Live band alumni:
Jen Parde: Vocals and piano
Tim Taormino: Drums and percussion
Chris Rowe: Bass and vocals
Andrew Luttrell: Guitar, mandolin, and vocals.

Recording band alumni:
Mike Ward: Keyboards
Patrick Hughes: Drums
Mark Wall: Accordion, penny whistle, and vocals
Chris Freeland: engineering, claps, vocals, sequencing, percussion, drums, bass
Timothy Bracken: Guitar
Casey Smith: Guitar and lute
Kristin Jones: Cello
Acacia Sears: Vocals
Heather Aubrey Lloyd: Vocals
Cellina Taormino: Vocals

About the members of the band:

Jon S. Patton was born in Baltimore in 1981 and has been a farmhand, construction worker, Russian linguist, teacher, clerk, editor, paralegal, and writer; he played as a street musician in Heidelberg, Germany; was a guest with a German jazz orchestra at age 17. He recorded a solo album, Hard Times, in 2003 in San Antonio.

Most of these things are much less impressive than they sound.

Jon is passionate about cooking, magical realism fiction, environmental issues, and theoretical astrophysics. He was a frequent contributor to Driftwood Magazine, a folk, world, and roots music blog, and an occasional contributor to The Owl Mag. He also built some of the guitar pedals, amps, and guitars used live and on the recordings.

Joe Scala (guitar, bass, and vocals) is a singer/songwriter in Baltimore. He gigs around town solo and with his wife as the Katie Bowers Band. Joe started playing bass with Midway Fair in June 2011.

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