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Music and Video

Hey, Midway Fair, where are the lyrics? Well, we’ve put them in posts about the songs! Check out the “Song Sources” posts.

Creative commons

The albums Fireworks at the Carnival and The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak by Midway Fair are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Free music! Woo, swag!

These songs are free in any format you like, even CD quality audio. “Silent Little Bells” is our newest release. The free download includes a new original song and some video of us in the studio.


The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak is our second album. You can stream the entire album right here:

You can also stream the entire Fireworks at the Carnival album (our 2009 debut) and name your price to download it:

Jon has a couple solo releases that you can get over on his blog, too.


For Midway Fair’s official YouTube, click here.
Our first official music video, a claymation cartoon for the title track of the first album:

Live videos:

These were shot by Paul Demmitt at Cellar Stage:

YouTube seems to be experiencing playback errors on the videos on our YouTube channel. We’ll try to get some more recent ones to get our channel back up and running.
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