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Holy smokes, we need a press page!

These are just some nice things people have said about our music.

Press for The Habit of Fear

The best local indie music in October
“White Noise” stands out, thanks to propulsive drums from Freeland, who hasn’t lost his touch since rising to prominence with the Baltimore math rock band Oxes two decades ago.

Al Shipley, The Baltimore Banner

“This is an album that continues to deliver on repeated listening, both with its lyrical themes and musical arrangements revealing numerous layers and hidden depths, displaying a breadth of influences […] and yet at the same time feeling very current and of its time. [I]t’s a thoroughly enjoyable album up there with the best of this years which deserves to reach a wider audience.”

~ Graeme Tait, Americana-UK, Oct. 2022

Press for Most Distant Star

On their latest EP Most Distant Star, the band has grown into its sound quite a bit: the influences are still there, but they’re much tighter wound around each other. The result is a sharp four-song outing … If you’re looking for a fun pick-me-up today, look to Most Distant Star.

~Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses, Oct. 2014

Press for The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak

“Hot and Rising” feature in Rising Mag, October 2011.

Its lyrics are, for the most part, timeless, which adds to a sense of fantasy, like a group of minstrels found electric guitars and wrote an album over the course of 500 years. […] Bottom line: For those that like The Incredible String Band and The Band, Midway Fair is the underdog with an album of powerful, sincere, and timeless songs.

~John Powell,, July 18, 2011

Midway Fair’s folk inspiration spans centuries and continents […] Pulls off American folk, English folk, American roots-rock with aplomb.

~Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses, June 26, 2011

Really, nothing on this album is less than good, most of it is great, and I’ve found that it gets better with repeated listenings.

~Jason, To Eleven, June 2, 2011.

“Reminds me a lot of Fairport Convention […] The playing and craft are exquisite.” (Recommended release.)

~Jon Worley, Aid & Abet April 2011.

4 out of 5: Midway Fair has created an album that invites you to delve deeper with every listen and enjoy the beautiful soundtrack to life that they have poured their souls into creating.

~Aaron Binder, The Wordbird Says, March 14, 2011

Midway Fair does a superb job of creating a story within the story thanks to movie-score like music to accentuate Patton’s prose-like verse. [. . .] Patience is a virtue, and the waiting is worth it on this Midway Fair album, as the band becomes a stronger version of themselves over the second half of this album.

~Ben Thompson, Sonic Disonnance, March 11, 2011

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