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Hey, Midway Fair, where are the lyrics? Well, we’ve put them in posts about the songs! Check out the “Song Sources” posts.

Our first full-length studio album in over a decade, The Habit of Fear, is out now.the-habit-of-fear-cover-with-text-very-small


The Habit of Fear is our fourth full-length album. It’s an exploration of terror and respite, with lyrics often drawing on magical realism or covering vast swaths of time.

The best local indie music in October
“White Noise” stands out, thanks to propulsive drums from Freeland, who hasn’t lost his touch since rising to prominence with the Baltimore math rock band Oxes two decades ago.

Al Shipley, The Baltimore Banner

“This is an album that continues to deliver on repeated listening, both with its lyrical themes and musical arrangements revealing numerous layers and hidden depths, displaying a breadth of influences […] and yet at the same time feeling very current and of its time. [I]t’s a thoroughly enjoyable album up there with the best of this years which deserves to reach a wider audience.”

~ Graeme Tait, Americana-UK, Oct. 2022

monsters is a 9(?)-track album of home recordings of once and future Midway Fair songs.

Pirate A.M. Waves is Jon’s 2021 solo album –songs of loneliness, fear, and finding hope in strange places. Highlights include the title track, “Spirit Bear,” “I’m Not a Builder” (a lyrics collaboration with Joe Scala), and “Pildown Man.”

The Howling Tongue of Each Other is Jon’s 2016 FAWM album.

No Fortunes is Jon’s 2015 solo release:

Most Distant Star is the 2014 Midway Fair release.

Our late 2011 recording of Heather Aubrey Lloyd’s “Silent Little Bells,” plus a rarity B side.

The Distance of the Moon at Daybreak is our second album (2011). You can stream the entire album right here:

You can also stream the entire Fireworks at the Carnival album (2009) and name your price to download it:

Jon has a couple solo releases that you can get over on his blog, too.


Live videos:

Our full set from the 2/13/16 benefit show for Music4More, with excellent (multitrack mixed and mastered) audio.

The entire Most Distant Star release party (with guest Mosno on Djembe) from Teavolve, filmed by Andrei Goryankin:

Creative commons

Most of Midway Fair’s music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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