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Hey, look! It’s the new album art and title.

December 1, 2010


This is a composite photograph (put together with careful editing and layering in photoshop) of over a dozen pictures taken around my neighborhood (Northwood) and downtown Baltimore at Guilford Avenue and Saratoga Street.

There were several things we wanted the art to accomplish:

  • We wanted it to show our hometown
  • We wanted it to reflect the rock (city) and folksy (nature) side of our music
  • We wanted it to reflect some of the themes of the new material, and one thing that pops up often in the lyrics is the sun and the moon, or night and day

Jen envisioned something slightly different, with a broken down car along a deserted road with the city in the background. In the end, this seemed too bleak. The headlight streaks indicate the presence of a car, but it’s in motion, and indicates life.

The night-to-day transition is skewed toward the sunrise half: This is the world just as it wakes up.

Next, we’ll unveil the track list, and we’ll post the first song written for the album (and whose subject matter plays a prominent role in the art). Stay tuned.

Thanks to friends Keith Crouch, Cellina Taormino, Mike Ward, and John Hildebrand for their suggestions to improve the drafts.

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