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Pics from the Sunday Songwriter’s Songfest (Frederick Coffee Company, Frederick, MD)

December 21, 2010

It was our first time playing in Frederick, and it was a great experience: The coffeehouse was full, the other performers were excellent, and I guess most importantly, people seemed to enjoy hearing us play. It was my first time seeing the wonderful Michelle Murray, who let me sit in with her on mandolin on the world’s happiest murder ballad). Leify Green (Lief Huber) had a great story, to the tune of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” about how he got saved from the Mafia by learning two hours of Christmas music in one day.

Our host, Todd Walker, took these photos.

There was a lot of candy behind us - very distracting. That speaker stand IS a speaker! Crazy.

oh, hey, that's all three of us. We did three part harmony for the first time ever. This was during "Let Me Go." I know because there's a noose around my neck.

Andy actually looks like he's standing still when you see him in person. However, he vibrates his face at superspeed to avoid being photographed. Microphones are much better behaved.

We played a short set that was very unusual in that it contained two of Jen’s originals: “Undertide” (I played guitar on this and Andy played mandolin) and “Dream Vacation.” Jen has played the latter at many shows. The other songs we chose for the afternoon were “Fairest of Them All,” “Let Me Go,” “Danny, They Say I’m a Coward” (it was nice to play this after almost 6 months of leaving it out of set lists), and “Don Quixote’s Deathbed Conversation with Sancho Panza.”

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