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Our Kickstarter campaign!

March 21, 2011

The digital release was this past weekend, but there’s still one more step: Getting the CDs printed. Luck for us, Kickstarter exists and forces us to come up with some really nice rewards for anyone who can help. Check it out right here.

Rewards include a limited edition (only 50), personalized & signed copy of the CD a month before the CD release party for everyone who donates $15 or more. Some other rewards include advance tickets to the birthday dinner party (in August), music lessons from a band member, a private dinner (made by Jon!) for you and a friend, and your very own set of the Midway Fair octopodes (our ridiculously cute octopus avatars).

This post should probably have a nifty graphic, but I think the goofy poster placeholding is probably enough. (Go there for a good chuckle if you didn’t come in through the front door.)

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