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FAWM wins … and So Long To Tim :(

March 1, 2013


Some of you may remember — if you were following our blog or Facebook this time last year — that Joe Scala did February Album Writing Month (FAWM) last year. I still listen to what he made every once in a while — it was an amazing achievement. Well, he did it again this year, and he convinced me to do it, too. And we both completed the challenge, writing 14 songs apiece, one of which is a collaboration between the two of us, the first of what we hope to be many.

Some linkses to the new songs

I wrote a little blog post wrapping things up, with videos of what I thought were the strongest songs from my challenge, on my personal web site. Rather than repost the whole thing here on the Midway Fair site, please hop on over and have a listen to some songs that might appear in our set list in the future.

Joe blogged about each song he wrote, and has a soundcloud player for the whole album.

Here’s our FAWM pages, where you can see all the songs in one place:

Other News

Many of you are friends with members of Midway Fair, either online or in real life, so you may be aware, but there hasn’t been an official announcement: Tim Taormino has decided to leave Midway Fair for other pursuits (mainly being a dad). Tim was a bedrock of the band for three years, and his decision, though understandable and not entirely surprising in the circumstances, was still a pretty hard blow. We’ll begin the search for a new drummer in the coming months.

We do plan on hitting up the studio in the fall to record some new material, including the song “Most Distant Star,” which I think is one of our absolute best.


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